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This campaign ended on April 15, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Vanderbilt University by clicking here!


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An Anonymous DonorAshley West matched $5 for each donor, donating a total of $5

An Anonymous DonorTimothy P. McNamara, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Science matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $2,500Just for Learning Assistants Program

An Anonymous DonorCandice and Sean Lee matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $5,000Just for Student-Athlete (Former)

An Anonymous DonorChancellor Daniel Diermeier matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $10,000

An Anonymous DonorProvost C. Cybele Raver matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $10,000

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $25,000Just for Undergraduate Scholarship Fund for Arts and Science

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $25,000Just for Undergraduate Alumni (1994)
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Andy Dailey photoAndy Dailey gave $500 because $500 was given by donors

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor gave $1,000 because 50 donors gaveJust for Undergraduate Alumni (2019)

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 500 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorSuzanne and Patrick McGee gave $25,000 because 500 donors gaveJust for Faculty/Staff

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 400 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 300 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 600 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 2000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor gave $100,000 because 50 donors gaveJust for Program in Climate and Environmental Studies

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 7500 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 6000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 4000 donors gave
Gifts to College of Arts & Science contribute to...
2024 Giving Day
6,323 Donors - $10,520,670 Donated

Vanderbilt Giving Day 2024: Give. Go. Help. Share.

College of Arts and Science

Join us in celebrating the spirit of generosity and community on Vanderbilt Giving Day 2024. Every contribution, no matter the size, is a testament to the power of collective action.

When you choose to give to the College of Arts and Science, your gift will directly support:

  • Scholarships for bright and talented students, enabling students from a variety of backgrounds to access an exceptional Vanderbilt education.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure projects, helping the college create innovative, collaborative spaces, including a renovation of Garland Hall in the historic core of campus.
  • Learning Assistants Program, which provides underrepresented students in STEM courses with peer-led support, both inside and outside of class.
  • Innovative, groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary research, including the new Center for Research on Inequality and Health, which is addressing the causes and consequences of health-related inequalities. 
  • Grand Challenge Initiatives, cutting-edge research collaborations that address some of the biggest and most complex challenges facing society today. Current projects include: racial justice; artificial intelligence; communicating science to the public; citizenship, borders, and immigration; and cities and urbanization. 

By giving, you join the entire Commodore community in making a significant impact on our students. Your contribution today will not only count toward our Dare to Grow campaign goal, but also fuel our mission for generations to come.

As we continue to build upon our legacy of innovation, inclusivity and trailblazing research, your support is crucial. Together, we can shape the future of our university and make a lasting impact. #VU4LIFE

Matches & Challenges

No updates for this campaign.

Areas to GiveDonorsRaised ($)
Professor Dan Morgan Research Projects0$0
Sherry and Richard Holson Scholarship - Annual Support0$0
Department of Art0$0
Albert H. Gordon Fellowship0$0
Dr. Margaret W. Pepperdene Fellowship0$0
Department of French and Italian1$50
R. Clay Milling II Undergraduate Scholarship0$0
Winkelried Family Fund0$0
Maymester - Theater1$10,000
Humphrey Family Scholarship0$0
RASR Laboratory0$0
Orbuch Family Scholarship0$0
Margaret Leigh Avera Scholarship0$0
Marvin P. Friedman Honor Scholarship0$0
Classics Department-Student Travel Fund-Rome, Italy0$0
Alumni Outstanding Freshman Advisor Award0$0
E. Inman Fox Romance Language Award0$0
Max Kade Fdn International Research Exchange Program0$0
Dorothy Sweeny Carpenter Scholarship Fund0$0
Mary Ann Moore Rankin Scholarship0$0
Gayle Fambrough Snyder Graduate Fellowship0$0
Robert H. Birkby Excellence in Teaching Award0$0
Craig Family Scholarship0$0
Sauereisen Director of the Undergrad Business Mnr Pgr0$0
Studio Arts Building0$0
Randolph Blake Early Career Award Fund0$0
Fanlo Family Scholarship0$0
Charles Wesley Barrier Scholarship0$0
McGee Family Scholarship - Annual0$0
Margretta H. Wikert and Cody M. Wikert Scholarship0$0
Margaret and Jerry Caldwell Scholarship0$0
William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair #20$0
David Steine Lectureship0$0
Learning Assistants Program13$5,881
Grand Challenge Initiative - Artificial Intelligence3$101
J. M. Breckenridge Memorial Chemistry Scholarship0$0
IBM Faculty Award-Ole Molvig0$0
Dean's Scholarship Fund in Arts and Science0$0
Martin F. McNamara Jr. Honor Scholarship0$0
James G. Stahlman Chair in American History0$0
Orbuch Family Scholarship - Annual0$0
Coleman D. Oldham Honor Scholarship-Arts & Science0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Racial Justice3$350
Fielding Jewell Boles Honor Scholarships0$0
Philip Family Scholarship0$0
John L. Seigenthaler Chair in American History0$0
Britton Family Scholarship0$0
Elizabeth M. Overby Memorial Scholarship0$0
Norma Antillon Fund for CLAIS Students0$0
Ingram History Chair0$0
J. Leon Helguera Dissertation Fellowship in History0$0
Anonymous Parent Scholarship0$0
George J. Graham Memorial Graduate Student Symposium0$0
Chris A. Lorenzen Jr. Scholarship0$0
Vaughan H. Hedrick Scholarship0$0
W P Fishel Lectureship0$0
Womsley Family Scholarship0$0
Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies0$0
Terra Foundation for American Art Exhibition Fund0$0
Culture, Advocacy, and Leadership0$0
DeAngelo Family Scholarship0$0
David E Shepard Memorial Fund0$0
Neibart Family Scholarship0$0
Simon Collier Travel Award-Latin Amer & Iberian Studies0$0
Joel Tellinghuisen Phi Beta Kappa Award0$0
Sherry and Richard Holson Scholarship0$0
Jack and Pamela Egan Chair0$0
Lachs Ethics Research and Engagement Fund0$0
Consortium for Order in Algebra and Logic0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Citizenship8$1,200
Jeanne Roberts Scholarship0$0
Searcy Dean's Chair at the College of Arts and Science0$0
Martin and Mildred Deitsch Scholarship0$0
Lester G. "Ruff" Fant III Dean's Fund0$0
Winkelried Family Chair in Jewish Studies0$0
Ingram History Graduate Fellowships0$0
College of Arts and Science Appreciation Scholarship0$0
Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Learning0$0
Saul-Shelton-Nosbusch Family Schlrsh0$0
Ernest Jones Outstanding Pre-Med Faculty Adv Award0$0
Bogle Family Scholarship0$0
EugeniaWilliam Wilcox, Jr. Study Abroad Fnd-Annual0$0
Susannah Rankin Smith Scholarship0$0
Scholarly Endeavors-J R Van Wazer Schlp & Res Fund0$0
Pittman Family Scholarship0$0
Margaret and David Hicks Jr. Family Scholarship0$0
Elizabeth D. Scruggs Scholarship Fund0$0
Robert and Lillian Drake Lecture Series0$0
Martino Scholarship0$0
Allison Hall Grove Scholarship0$0
College Cabinet Honor Scholarship0$0
Frederick B. Rentschler II Chair0$0
Barbara B. and J. Lawrence Wilson Scholarship (Arts & Science)0$0
Department of English1$100
Guy & Rebecca Forman Award0$0
Maude Brannen Futch Scholarship0$0
Roberts Family Scholarship0$0
Robert Fox Postdoctoral Award Fund0$0
Catherine and Daniel Traylor Family Scholarship0$0
Paul F. Jacobson Scholarship0$0
Callie House Research Center0$0
Drew and Kelly Scoggins Scholarship0$0
Justin Shults Scholarship0$0
Ernest A. Jones Scholarship0$0
Joanne Fleming Hayes Scholarship0$0
Arts & Science Endowment0$0
Department of Jewish Studies1$18
Stephen Harris Cook Fellowship0$0
Dieter and Ingrid Sevin Undergraduate Research Fund0$0
William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair #30$0
Philip and Jeanette Grove Scholarship0$0
Olivia H & E Baylis Shanks Lectureship In Math0$0
Agilis Biotherapeutics-Prof. Carl Johnson0$0
Leland L. Sage Endowment0$0
Morris H. Bernstein Jr. Prize - Latin Declamation0$0
Computational Properties of Prefrontal Cortex (CPPC 2018)0$0
Frank C. Rand, Sr. and Norfleet H. Rand Honor Scholarship0$0
Marion B. and Brent S. Watts Memorial Scholarship0$0
Gifts In Kind-Miscellaneous-College of A & S0$0
Daniel J. More Scholarship0$0
Dean's Select Scholarship (Arts & Science)0$0
Matthews Family Scholarship0$0
Elizabeth Beesley Hubbard Scholarship0$0
Lillian Robertson Bradford Scholarship0$0
Postdoctoral Support Fund in German Studies0$0
Donald Davie Memorial Poetry Prize0$0
Frantisek W Galan Memorial Endowed Fund0$0
J. Leon Helguera Dissertation Fellowship in History-Annual0$0
Subramaniam Family Research Fund0$0
John M Aden Award for Dist Achiev-Scholarly Writng0$0
Shirley Lachs Award0$0
Amgen Award-Graduate Student in Dr Jeffrey Johnston's Lab0$0
J. Leiper Freeman Memorial Fund0$0
Loraine M. Brown Scholarship-Annual0$0
Matz Family Study Abroad Endowment0$0
Fisk-Vanderbilt Master's-to-Ph.D Bridge Program1$5
Program in Neuroscience0$0
Underwood Memorial Award0$0
Department of Spanish & Portuguese0$0
W Alton Jones Chair In Philosophy0$0
Racanelli Family Scholarship0$0
Brian C. Grushkin & Jonathan S. Grushkin-Gibor Fdn Schlrp0$0
Department of History0$0
Ruth Montgomery Cecil Scholarship0$0
Mark and Elizabeth Barrow Brueggeman Scholarship0$0
Lamar Field Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Award0$0
Schiff Family Climate Study Initiatives0$0
Martha Rivers Ingram Chair0$0
Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Lovelace Honor Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Maintenance Fund0$0
Department of Theatre0$0
Savage-Zerfoss Scholarship0$0
Department of Sociology0$0
Dunbar Family Scholarship0$0
Samuel T. McSeveney Award0$0
Cecil D. Conlee Scholarship Fund0$0
Mellon Foundation Chair in the Humanties #10$0
James C. Seuss Scholarship0$0
Strayhorn Honor Scholarship0$0
Sung Cortina Family Immersion Fund0$0
Leopold and Pauline Kaufman Scholarship0$0
Gibor Foundation-Arlene H. Grushkin Memorial Scholarship0$0
Global Feminisms Collaborative0$0
Jane Evans Memorial Scholarship0$0
Lacy R Overby Memorial Scholarship0$0
Susannah Rankin Smith Scholarship-Annual Support0$0
Fred Russell-Grantland Rice Schlp in Sports Journalism0$0
Anonymous Family Scholarship0$0
Starr Family Scholarship0$0
Program in Public Policy Studies1$1
General Scholarship Fund-A & S0$0
Arnold Family Scholarship0$0
Katy and Kyle Miller Scholarship0$0
Margaret Leigh Avera Scholarship-Annual0$0
Vanderbilt Initiative in Data-Intensive Astrophysics0$0
The REAM Foundation Immersion Fund0$0
Poppy and Robert Clements Family Scholarship0$0
Max Kade Visiting Professorship0$0
Preissig Family Scholarship0$0
William K. Warren Foundation Scholarship0$0
Ruth and G. A. Puryear Honor Scholarship0$0
Chemistry Research Fund for Dr. Ned Porter0$0
Department of Religious Studies1$50
Department of Chemistry3$220
Edith Haggard Morrow Hickerson Scholarship0$0
Herbert & Blanche Henry Weaver Fellowship-History0$0
James C. Lancaster Honor Scholarship0$0
Richard and Minna Hicks Family Scholarship0$0
Andrew W. Mellon Chair in the Humanities #20$0
J. Hallam Dawson '58 Scholarship Endowment0$0
Kirsch Family Scholarship0$0
Wolbachia Project (Bordenstein Research)0$0
Lazarus Family Scholarship0$0
William C Binkley Memorial Fellowship0$0
Mottesi Family Scholarship0$0
Bernick Family Scholarship0$0
William M. Tomai Scholarship0$0
Arts & Science Faculty Endowment0$0
Math Department Special Projects0$0
Henrietta Hickman Morgan Prize0$0
Abell Family Scholarship0$0
Charles Wesley Barrier Scholarship-Annual Portion0$0
Latino and Latina Studies Program0$0
Stratigos Family Scholarship0$0
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences1$10
Samir Aldroubi & Amira Azhari Prize- Excell Postdoc Rsrch0$0
Nelson O. Tyrone, Jr. Chair in History0$0
Greg S. Allen Chancellor's Facuty Fellow0$0
Sandra & Roger Deromedi Intl. Service Learning Schlp.0$0
B.F. Bryant Prize for Excellence in Teaching0$0
Vanderbilt Project on Unity and American Democracy6$730
Anonymous Scholarship0$0
Sara Elizabeth Nance Study Abroad Fund0$0
LMC Scholarship0$0
Sherry Jordan Galloway Scholarship0$0
Reves Family Scholarship0$0
Program in Climate and Environmental Studies38$101,087
Katherine B. Woodward Prize in Spanish0$0
Lawrence J. and Anne E. Schaad Chemistry Enrichment Fund0$0
Dallas Bower and William H. Suhrheinrich Scholarship0$0
Maria Jorge Research0$0
Fayne Family Fund0$0
John W. Poindexter Fund for English Literature0$0
Farese Family Scholarship0$0
David C. McDonald Scholarship0$0
Caroline and Liza Heyman Scholarship0$0
Euleen Brown Berry Scholarship Fund-CAS0$0
Zhang-Yang Family Scholarship0$0
Lane Family Scholarship0$0
Joseph Hardin Staley III Scholarship0$0
Margaret and David Hicks Jr. Family Scholarship-Annual0$0
Subramaniam Family Research Endowment0$0
Walter Arthur Snell Scholarship0$0
Mary and Joe Harper Dissertation Fellowship0$0
John Janusek Research-PARIAVI0$0
W. Clinton Rasberry, Jr. Scholarship0$0
Vandevelde Tabor Scholarship0$0
Harry Howard Lecture0$0
Aileen Bishop Memorial Fund-A&S Grad Fellowship0$0
Michael L. Ainslie Scholarship0$0
McCarty Family Scholarship0$0
Brank and Elizabeth Carlen McLean Scholarship0$0
Gail Anderson Canizares Scholarship0$0
Matthew Blankenship/Caroline Mundt/Philip Marks Schol.0$0
Cousins Scholarship0$0
Endowment for Program Support in Film Studies0$0
General Expenses Cas0$0
Suiter Family Scholarship0$0
Pave It Forward Scholarship0$0
Psychology Lecture Series0$0
Anne Marie and Thomas B. Walker Jr. Scholarship0$0
Martha Louise Scott Easley Study Abroad Travel Schlrp0$0
Vanderbilt Institute of Mesoamerican Archaeology-Demarest0$0
Ned Parker Nabers Award0$0
A&S Student Study Abroad Fund0$0
Thomas W. Martin Memorial Award0$0
Physics & Astronomy Research Fund for Dr. Richard Haglund0$0
Russell Lee Rua Honor Scholarship0$0
Department of African American and Diaspora Studies0$0
Margaret Haley Phillips Scholarship0$0
E. Bronson Ingram Chair in Economics0$0
Arts & Science Dean's Discretionary Fund0$0
Charles S. Lipscomb Merit Scholarship0$0
Edgar H. Duncan Fellowship Award in Creative Writing0$0
John J. Siegfried Economics Honors Student Research Fund2$255
Heidtke/McAleer Family Scholarship0$0
Brandow Family Scholarship0$0
Emerson Family Scholarship0$0
Stephen L. Overby Memorial Scholarship0$0
Melissa A. Kath Scholarship-Annual0$0
Wendell & Virginia Holladay Fund1$30
Mitchum E. Warren Graduate Fellowship0$0
Aegis Sciences Scholarship0$0
Court and Chart Westcott Scholarship0$0
Cawthon A. Bowen Jr. Scholarship Fund0$0
Women's and Gender Studies Program Fund1$25
Charles and Teresa Merkle Global Immersion Endowment0$0
David C. and Grace Mouat Almon Scholarship0$0
William & Nancy McMinn Opportunity Fund in Physics0$0
Foley Family Scholarship - Annual0$0
Andreas Family Scholarship0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Cities1$55
Brian and Charlotte Grove Chair0$0
Vanderbilt Study Abroad Discretionary Fund0$0
Douglas W. Grey Faculty Research Fund in Economics0$0
Department of Communication Studies1$150
Emily Eddins Conn and Lance Conn Scholarship0$0
Richard G. Holder Honor Scholarship0$0
Mr. and Mrs. William Neal Deramus III Scholarship0$0
E. Douglas Johnson Jr. Family Scholarship0$0
Featherstone Scholarship0$0
Thomas D Young Award for Dist Achiev-Classrm Instr0$0
Blum Family Scholarship1$113,393
Grushkin-Smith-Gibor Foundation Scholarship0$0
William C. and Anne R. Pratt Scholarship in English and French0$0
Goldberg Family Immersion Fund0$0
Portu Family Scholarship0$0
K Terry Dornbush Economics Research Fund0$0
Hoine Chair in Economics0$0
Vanderbilt Art Collection0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Global Ecology and Health0$0
Alfred "Pete" and Viola Mattei Scholarship0$0
Carpenter Family Scholarship0$0
Frances Douglas O'Pry Scholarship0$0
Robert V. Dilts Award0$0
Ivan R. Batlle, M.D. Scholarship0$0
Center for Research on Inequality and Health11$496
Eugene H. Vaughan Undergraduate Assistantship-Geology0$0
Decherd Family Scholarship0$0
Dorothy N. and Dick H. Wallman Memorial Scholarship0$0
Department of Classical and Mediterranean Studies1$2
Gill Family Scholarship0$0
Sung Cortina Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Arthur W Ingersoll Memorial Fund0$0
Phillip H Rhein Memorial Fund0$0
Thomas Williams Scholarship0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Science Communication Media Collaboration3$170
Ettore F. Infante Scholarship0$0
Max Kade Foundation Graduate Fellowships0$0
C. F. "Doc" Maginnis Scholarship0$0
Chris A. Lorenzen Jr. Scholarship-Annual0$0
Cleo and Fred Niederhauser Scholarship0$0
Michele and Stacia Conlon Scholarship0$0
Kibler Family Scholarship0$0
John S. Beasley II, McCarty-Stein Scholarship in A&S0$0
Lummis Family Scholarship (Arts & Science 2)0$0
Department of Psychology0$0
Department of Political Science0$0
Jennifer and Andrew Hoine Scholarship0$0
Diana M. Hudson Scholarship0$0
Chad Presswood Memorial Scholarship0$0
Department of Philosophy2$170
Robert Manson Myers Graduate Award in English0$0
Fisher Family Scholarship Arts & Science0$0
Dr. Ifeoma Nwankwo Research0$0
Franklin J Matchette Fdn Fund-Philosophy Lectures0$0
Barbara and Frederick R. Suits Honor Scholarship0$0
Caroline C. and William Moss Wilson Scholarship0$0
Chair In Honor of Professor Eddie Mims0$0
Jeff and Marieke Rothschild Scholarship (Arts & Science)0$0
Lee S. Cutcliff Family Scholarship0$0
Milton A. and Roslyn Z. Wolf Scholarship0$0
Donohue Family Scholarship0$0
Linda Crank Moseley Scholarship0$0
Master of Liberal Arts & Science (MLAS) Program0$0
R. J. Larsen Prize for Excellence in Mathematics1$150
John and Florence Newman Scholarship0$0
Larry Ross Cathey Memorial Award0$0
D. Stanley and Ann T. Tarbell Graduate Award0$0
Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Award0$0
Program in Communication of Science and Technology0$0
Oscar Gustaf Nelson Scholarship1$100
Dawn Gross Memorial Scholarship0$0
T. Aldrich Finegan Award-Excellence in Undergrad Econ Res0$0
William H. and Susan C. Eason Scholarship0$0
Ivar Lou and Edgar Duncan Scholarship0$0
Thomas R. and Wanda C. Martin Scholarship0$0
Department of Asian Studies1$55
Andrew Jackson Professorship0$0
Miguel Enguidanos Memorial Award0$0
Jeff Franzen and Family Scholarship0$0
A&S Alumni and Parents Dinner0$0
I.A. and Lucile Rosenbaum Scholarship0$0
Foley Family Scholarship0$0
Cook Family Scholarship0$0
Paul E. Shwab Chair in Fine Arts0$0
Sue Sugg Piant Scholarship0$0
Eugene Greener Jr. Chair in Jewish Studies0$0
Melvin D Joesten Science Volunteer Award Fund0$0
Lynch Family Scholarship0$0
Anonymous Fellowship in History0$0
Ariel Morgan Kravitz and Evan Jared Kravitz Scholarship0$0
Phi Beta Kappa Centennial Award0$0
John P. Greer Award0$0
Donald E. Pearson Award0$0
Gisela Mosig German Scholarship Fund for Grad Students0$0
VIIBRE-Vanderbilt Inst for Integrative Biosys Res & Edu0$0
Karen Joachim Sobotka B.A. '83 Scholarship0$0
John R. Loomis Scholarship0$0
Mildred Fite Woodward Rogge Scholarship0$0
Sarah and Col. John W. Hall (Ret.) Programmatic Endowment at the Center for Lang0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Parsing the Pandemic0$0
Bourlay-Hambrick Scholarship0$0
Department of Economics0$0
Sol Goldman Family Scholarship0$0
D. Craig Nordlund & Sally Baum Nordlund Schlp in A&S0$0
Coles P. Hull and Caroline N. Hull Scholarship0$0
Bryn Sara Linkow Foundation Scholarship0$0
Epstein-McClain Family Scholarship0$0
Chleck Family Foundation Scholarship0$0
Arts and Science Dean's Fund for Excellence0$0
Francis & Mary Slack Research Fund0$0
William David Rankin Scholarship0$0
Mellon Foundation Chair in the Humanities #20$0
James Edmund Kemp Scholarship0$0
E. Bronson Ingram Chair in Neuroscience0$0
J. Douglass and Dorothy K. Wood Scholarship0$0
Max Kade Foundation Chair in German Studies0$0
Department of German, Russian and East European Studies1$200
Daniel J. More Scholarship-Annual0$0
Bjarni Jonsson Prize for Research0$0
Brooke Van Der Linden Memorial Scholarship Fund0$0
Sholar Foundation Scholarship0$0
Matt and Viola Carloss Scholarship0$0
Katherine Johnson Undergraduate Scholarship0$0
Cleburne Lee and Elizabeth Pursley Hayes Scholarship0$0
Department of History of Art and Architecture1$150
Mike Curb Creative Campus Program0$0
Jesse Wills Honor Scholarship0$0
Turner Family Scholarship0$0
Caroline Robinson McGuire Scholarship0$0
Jane and Dan Philip Scholarship0$0
Department of Biological Sciences1$25
Emily Ann Bennett Plant Award in Anthropology0$0
Emerson Family Scholarship-Annual0$0
Pay It Forward Scholarship0$0
Kline Family Environmental & Sustainability Studies Fund0$0
Samuel E. Allen Scholarship0$0
Elizabeth Schick Dunn Scholarship0$0
VU Study Abroad Programs1$50
Edwin S. Gardner Memorial for Excellence in French0$0
Ann and David Kloeppel Summer Immersion Fund0$0
Rosa Lee Walston Scholarship0$0
Robert Gotcher, M.D. Scholarship0$0
Searcy Family Scholarship0$0
Francis J. & Marie K. Dever Memorial Scholarship0$0
Department of Anthropology0$0
Mark M Jones Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chem0$0
Mary Rogers Cain Scholarship0$0
Robert T. Lagemann Scholarship in Physics1$5
Zachry-Rochelle Family Scholarship0$0
Mahon-Alcus Family Scholarship0$0
Julia P. Arnold Honor Scholarship0$0
Wininger Family Scholarship0$0
Learning Center/CASPAR0$0
Huber Family Scholarship0$0
Engine for Art, Democracy & Justice (EADJ)0$0
Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities0$0
Holland N. McTyeire Chair In History0$0
D and B Family Scholarship0$0
Orbuch Family Study Abroad Fund0$0
Loraine M. Brown Scholarship0$0
Martha Caroline Rheney Scholarship0$0
Malloy Family Scholarship0$0
S. Family Scholarship0$0
Erma Rosson Ladd & Dr. C. Joseph Ladd Scholarship0$0
Christi and Jay Turner Scholarship0$0
W. Alton Jones Chair in Philosophy #20$0
Eugenia Holder Wilcox & William J. Wilcox Jr. Scholarship0$0
Psychology Department Scholarship Fund0$0
Latin American Public Opinion Project-LAPOP0$0
A & S Scholarships0$0
Robert M Overall Fund0$0
William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair at the College of A & S #20$0
Glasebrook Family Scholarship0$0
McVean Philosophy Fund0$0
Kathryn and Margaret Millspaugh Fund0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Climate and Society0$0
Terence E. Adderley Jr. Chair in Economics0$0
Abraham and Ruth Friedman Scholarship0$0
Margaret McKnight Ropp Scholarship2$55
Arts and Science Immersion Fund0$0
Political Science Public Law Lectures0$0
A B Learned Professorship in Living State Physics #10$0
Alfred W. Wilson Memorial Scholarship0$0
Endowed Fund for Debate0$0
Myer Family Scholarship0$0
Gendelman Family Scholarship0$0
Deramus Family Scholarship0$0
Writing Studio Program0$0
Translational Research-Sulikowski-Waterson-Chem Pharma0$0
Riddick Family Scholarship0$0
Charles Scott and Donald Sherburne Scholarship0$0
Undergraduate Scholarship Fund for Arts and Science121$46,675
Wallman Scholarships0$0
Franklin Brooks Memorial Award0$0
William A & Nancy F McMinn Chair in Physics0$0
Joe M. Norton Sr. Scholarship0$0
Gormley Family Climate Initiatives0$0
Susan P. and L. Bradley Stanford Immersion Fund0$0
W. Alton Jones Chair in Philosophy #30$0
W. Millard Choate Scholarship0$0
Melissa A. Kath Scholarship0$0
Sandra Norsworthy Hoffman Scholarship0$0
Mary L Mefford Memorial Scholarship in A & S0$0
Berry Fund for Philosophy0$0
William A Rushing Memorial Fund1$150
Kojaian Global Fellowship0$0
Terence E. (Ted) Adderley Jr. Scholarship0$0
Drury M Davis, Emily D Weed, & Homer C Weed Scholarship0$0
W. Patrick McMullan Scholarship0$0
Irma Louise and Claude J. Keisling Scholarship0$0
Bottrell Mosby Scholarship0$0
Mary Sturmon Lisher Scholarship Fund0$0
Fanlo Family Scholarship-Annual0$0
Joe L. Roby Chair in Economics0$0
Allan P. DeLoach Memorial Prize in Photography0$0
Mellon Foundation Faculty Fellow in Humanities0$0
Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Exec In Undergrad Teach0$0
Fund for Global Immersion0$0
Amboian Family Scholarship0$0
Wilson and Eloise M. Davis Scholarship0$0
Tutoring Services0$0
Ingram Chair in English0$0
Howard E. Smith Lectureship Fund0$0
William & Nancy McMinn Grad Fellow Awards-Physics0$0
Arts & Science College Scholars Program0$0
Karen and Fred Jones Hall Scholarship0$0
Elliston Scholarship0$0
Matelich Family Scholarship0$0
Chleck Family Foundation Scholarship-Annual0$0
Jewell Memorial Seminar Fund0$0
William W. Bain Jr. Scholarship Program0$0
Craig S. Phillips Scholarship Fund0$0
Ruth K. Agather Scholarship0$0
John Lachs Grad. Fund in Philosophy0$0
Laura and John Arnold Fund0$0
Terryl and Jon Hallquist Fund for Theatre0$0
Bourne Family Scholarship0$0
Lummis Family Scholarship (Arts & Science)0$0
Engine for Art, Democracy & Justice (EADJ) Speaker Series0$0
Garrido Family Scholarship0$0
Paul E. Manners - Lillian Bayer Scholarship0$0
Creative Writing Program0$0
Brian A. Grove Scholarship0$0
Edgar M. and Esther M. Pilkinton Scholarship0$0
Program in Comparative Media Analysis and Practice0$0
The REAM Foundation Research Fund0$0
History Dept Special Fund0$0
Paul Conkin Fund0$0
Frances & John Downing Undergraduate Research Travel Fund in Art History1$10
Department of Medicine, Health, and Society1$25
A. L. Selig Scholarship0$0
Georgia Wilson Honor Scholarship0$0
College of Arts and Science591$134,367
Handmaker Family Scholarship0$0
Payne Family Scholarship0$0
Claude & Vincenette Pichois Scholarship in French Lit.0$0
Heidi Ueberroth Scholarship0$0
Fauvre Family Scholarship0$0
Simons-Kaplan Scholarship0$0
Gisela Mosig Biological Science Scholarship Fd/Grad Stud0$0
Director of the Undergraduate Business Minor Program Fund0$0
John and Mary Poitevent Redwine Scholarship0$0
Noel Graduate Research Award0$0
Jeanne and Alfred W. Lasher Jr. Scholarship0$0
Fontaine B. Moore Jr. Memorial Scholarship0$0
Translational Research-John Anthony Capra-Bio Sciences0$0
Herron P. and Cary W. Weems Scholarship0$0
Jacqueline and Morris Wachs Essay Prize0$0
Brian and Charlotte Grove Scholarship0$0
Department of Cinema and Media Arts1$50
James A. and Matilda D. Pilkinton Scholarship0$0
Kathryn Sedberry Poetry Prize0$0
Go Family Scholarship0$0
Robert Harvey Honor Scholarship0$0
Classics Fund0$0
Alberstadt-Reesman-Stearns Field Studies Fund0$0
William H. Cammack Scholarship0$0
Davis Family Scholarship0$0
Nancy Perot Chair0$0
M. Daniel Johnson Scholarship0$0
Program in European Studies0$0
Morton C. Johnson Honor Scholarship0$0
Eugenia William Wilcox, Jr. Study Abroad Fnd0$0
Andrew W. Mellon Chair in the Humanities #30$0
Mollie Phelan Wallace Scholarship0$0
Jenard Gross Scholarship0$0
McTyeire Language Hall0$0
Grand Challenge Initiative - Evolutionary Studies0$0
Henry Lee Swint Award0$0
Chancellor's Chair in History0$0
Lortz Family Scholarship0$0
James Thornton Fant Chair in Sustainability Studies0$0
E. Bronson Ingram Chair in Economics #20$0
Natalie and Jeff Schwartz Family Scholarship0$0
Hale Family Fdn Fd-Center for Medicine, Hlth & Society0$0
Frantisek Galan Graduate Award in Comparative Lit0$0
McEntire Family Scholarship0$0
McGee Family Scholarship0$0
Dana W. Nance Prize0$0
Andrew W. Mellon Chair in the Humanities #40$0
Winkelried Family Chair in Neuroscience0$0
Larry C Hall Student Travel Fund0$0
Linda Elizabeth Wythes, Class of 1993 Scholarship0$0
Samuel Milton Fleming Chair0$0
Math Endowment Fund0$0
Stone Schlrp--Sara-Belo-LarryJr-Marilyn-Paul-Marla-David0$0
Ross Family Scholarship0$0
Gertrude C. & Harold S. Vanderbilt Visiting Writers Prog0$0
McGee Lecture Fund0$0
Carolyn and Robert Rogers Chair-American Presidency0$0
Robert H. Sheridan III Scholarship0$0
Alberstadt-Reesman-Stearns Faculty Research Fund0$0
Barge Family Scholarship0$0
Caroline Penrod-Martin Memorial Scholarship0$0
William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair at the College of A & S #10$0
Samuels Scholarship Fund0$0
Francille Bergquist Scholarship1$10
Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies3$245
Charles Koch Foundation-Post-Doc Fellowship-Wiseman & Klingler0$0
Hans and Sarah Sherman Scholarship0$0
Ingram English Graduate Fellowships0$0
Steve and Joy Gibson Scholarship0$0
Arnold Scholars Program0$0
Jay Underwood Howington Scholarship0$0
Long Family Scholarship0$0
James S. and Rosemary Worley Award0$0
Department of Physics and Astronomy1$5
Page Family Scholarship0$0
Arlene Mason Cooper Scholarship0$0
Frances L. Ball Chemistry Scholarship0$0
William & Nancy McMinn Honor Schlp-Natural Science0$0
Kolbe Werthan Scholarship0$0
Karen and Everett R. Cook II Family Scholarship0$0
Department of Mathematics1$20
Garland Hall Infrastructure Project11$831
Max Kade Center for European & German Studies-Gifts0$0
J. Thomas Bentley Scholarship0$0
Vance and Julie Lanier Minority Scholarship0$0
Elizabeth and Greg Allen Family Scholars0$0
Robert Penn Warren Professor of the Humanities0$0
Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel Scholarship0$0
Display Area in Honor of Barbara Tsakirgis0$0
Dean's Honor Scholarship (Arts & Science)0$0
Edwin Moore Rankin & Maude Madeline Rankin Schlp0$0
Debate Team1$150
Clifton and Renee Price Smith Scholarship0$0
Willard Jewell and Charles Wilson Student-Faculty Res Fd0$0
A. V. Ramayya Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award0$0
Moller Family Scholarship0$0
Anonymous L Family Scholarship0$0
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