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This campaign ended on April 15, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Vanderbilt University by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorAshley West matched $5 for each donor, donating a total of $5

An Anonymous DonorCandice and Sean Lee matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $5,000Just for Student-Athlete (Former)

An Anonymous DonorChancellor Daniel Diermeier matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $10,000

An Anonymous DonorProvost C. Cybele Raver matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $10,000

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $25,000Just for Undergraduate Alumni (1994)

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor matched $2 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $26,742Just for Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellowship
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Andy Dailey photoAndy Dailey gave $500 because $500 was given by donors

An Anonymous DonorA generous donor gave $1,000 because 50 donors gaveJust for Undergraduate Alumni (2019)

An Anonymous DonorCathy Bender, BS’82, and the AVBA Board gave $3,000 because 52 donors gaveJust for AVBA Scholarship

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 300 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 400 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 500 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $25,000 because 75 donors gaveJust for Opportunity VU Undergraduate Scholarship

An Anonymous DonorAnonymous Trustees gave $25,000 because 600 donors gaveJust for Student (2024)

An Anonymous DonorSuzanne and Patrick McGee gave $25,000 because 500 donors gaveJust for Faculty/Staff

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $50,000 because 50 donors gaveJust for Dialogue Vanderbilt

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 4000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 6000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 2000 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Trustee gave $100,000 because 7500 donors gave
Gifts to University Initiatives contribute to...
2024 Giving Day
6,323 Donors - $10,520,670 Donated

Vanderbilt Giving Day 2024: Give. Go. Help. Share. 
University Initiatives 

Join us in celebrating the spirit of generosity and community on Vanderbilt Giving Day 2024. Every contribution, no matter the size, is a testament to the power of collective action.  

When you choose to give to University Initiatives, your gift will provide immediate financial support to areas of the university facing the greatest need and with the highest opportunity to foster cross-disciplinary success. 

By giving, you join the entire Commodore community in making a significant impact on our school. Your contribution today will not only count toward our Dare to Grow campaign goal, but also fuel our mission for generations to come. 

As we continue to build upon our legacy of innovation, inclusivity and trailblazing research, your support is crucial. Together, we can shape the future of our university and make a lasting impact. #VU4LIFE 

No updates for this campaign.

DesignationsDonorsRaised ($)
PR-Insurance Premiums0$0
Reily Family Scholarship0$0
Spikeball Club (VSC)0$0
Vanderbilt Woman's Club Stapleton/Weaver Endowed Schlrp1$8
Information Technology Services (ITS)0$0
Guarantee Trust Life Insur Co Fnd0$0
Vanderbilt Tennis Club0$0
Cal Turner Ctr for Leadership/Moral Responsibility0$0
Grateful Alumni Parent Scholarship0$0
Gary Peters Family Foundation Scholarship0$0
Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Seminars0$0
Delta Kappa Epsilon Scholarship0$0
Maymester Programs in Nashville0$0
Human Resources Services0$0
Birch Fund for the Center for Sports and Society0$0
Anonymous PAF Scholarship0$0
Haley Family Scholarship0$0
Landscape and Arboretum Fund0$0
Hennes Family Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair #50$0
Dorothy L. Minnich Memorial Scholarship0$0
Anne Potter Wilson Estate Fund0$0
Anonymous Family H Scholarship0$0
Hunsaker Family Scholarship0$0
JLM Scholarship0$0
Women's Club Soccer0$0
Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars Program0$0
Irene & Thomas Harrington Internat'l Undergraduate Schlp0$0
Dr. J. Owsley Manier Scholarship0$0
Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion1$10
Littlejohn Family Faculty Fellows Program0$0
Sailing Club1$15
Amy and Gentry Lee Fund1$25,000
Fettig-Lansdown Family Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Recreation Wellness Program0$0
Gillette Hall0$0
Mendik Family Scholarship0$0
Sustain VU0$0
University Registrar0$0
James Elmo Overall Scholarship0$0
Thompson Family Scholarship0$0
D Family Scholarship0$0
Julie and Clarke Futch Scholarship0$0
Charles Forrest Alexander Prize in Journalism0$0
Vanderbilt Honor Fund0$0
Joe Franklin Rugby Fund3$250
Anonymous PM Scholarship0$0
Norman L & Roselea J Goldberg Prize0$0
John A. Warren Scholarship0$0
Winkelried Family Scholarship0$0
James W. Edwards Jr. Scholarship0$0
Campus Beautification Program0$0
Margaret Cuninggim Lecture Fund0$0
Through the Looking Glass0$0
Vanderbilt Visions and VUcept0$0
KMMK Scholarship Fund0$0
Jennifer and Jordan Goldberg Scholarship0$0
Sport Clubs Program0$0
Harold and Elizabeth Friedman Scholarship Fund0$0
Thinking Outside of the Lunchbox0$0
Office of the General Counsel-Special Projects0$0
Food Services0$0
Anonymous G. Scholarship0$0
Vinik Family Scholarship0$0
Frances and Craig Lindner Scholarship0$0
Alice Virginia Knorr Memorial Scholarship0$0
Margaret Taylor Almeida Scholarship2$250
McGill Project2$20
Kung-Fu Club0$0
Anonymous L&P Scholarship0$0
Pfeffer Family Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair #110$0
Vanderbilt University Unrestricted Fund1$20
Jesse H. Jones and Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Research0$0
Whitmore Family Scholarship0$0
Lanier Leadership Program0$0
Lisia and Gary Hurwitz Experience Vanderbilt Fund0$0
Caroline & Kate Kirk Scholarship0$0
Diane vS. Levy and Robert M. Levy Scholarship0$0
John Walton Knight Scholarship0$0
Darland Family Scholarship0$0
Curb Center for Arts, Enterprise, and Public Policy0$0
Samuel, Abby and Michael Schulman Scholarship0$0
Britt Allen Rogers Jr. Memorial Scholarship0$0
Reverend James M. Lawson, Jr. Scholarship0$0
Kim and Ralph Rosenberg Family Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club2$520
Chellgren Family Scholarship0$0
Eugene H. Vaughan Family Schlp-Entrepreneurial Excellence0$0
Benefits Office0$0
Eldon Stevenson Scholarships0$0
Office of Accounting0$0
James A. Robins Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dyer Observatory Education and Outreach Endowment4$175
Stevenson Chair in Physics0$0
Anonymous DRR Scholarship0$0
Morris Brandon Scholarship0$0
University Priorities162$170,117
Vice Chancellors Scholarship0$0
Woodfin-Hovious Memorial Fund0$0
Evelyn Dieckhaus Memorial Scholarship1$10,000
James Patterson Family Foundation Scholarship0$0
Casey Carter Bonar Leadership Award0$0
George and Peggy Weise Spiegel Scholarship0$0
JPM Scholarship0$0
Aspire Scholarship0$0
Evans Family Executive Director of the Innovation Center1$20
John Seigenthaler Scholarship0$0
George & Peggy Weise Spiegel Honor Sch in Sci/Eng0$0
Allen and Ruth McGill Scholarship0$0
Dyer Observatory56$3,233
Vanderbilt University NROTC Alumni Gift Fund17$4,064
Vanderbilt Alumni Association Board Fund42$10,907
New Orleans Scholarship0$0
Army ROTC18$2,155
Posse Scholar Program-Posse Foundation22$2,066
Vanderbilt Rowing Club17$2,900
Student Critical Support Fund23$1,490
Immersion Vanderbilt26$9,622
AVBA Scholarship88$9,730
Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellowship53$124,817
Jesse Taylor, Jr. Scholarship0$0
Anonymous TES Scholarship0$0
Fred Schoepflin Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt University NROTC Alumni Gift Fund-Anchor Project4$1,350
Undergraduate Admissions-Tour Guides1$20
Wilf Family Undergraduate Scholarship Fund0$0
Margolis Family Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt IT Initiatives0$0
Vanderbilt Magazine Voluntary Subscription4$425
Davenport Family Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt University 55th Reunion0$0
Carmichael Towers0$0
Social Ventures Think Tank0$0
Central Supervisory Control System0$0
Michaud Family Scholarship0$0
Friedkin Scholarships0$0
Rebecca Webb Wilson University Chair0$0
Anonymous B Scholarship0$0
Priscilla Call Craven Scholarship2$700
Currey Ingram Academy Scholarship Fund0$0
Esserman Family Scholarship0$0
Pate Family Scholarship - Annual0$0
Gifts In Kind-Miscellaneous0$0
Chef James Memorial Fund0$0
Charlotte and Bill Ford Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Band Contest0$0
Academic Services0$0
Bernard Fensterwald Memorial Scholarship0$0
Mary Eleanor McClure Taylor Memorial Scholarship0$0
Bass Military Scholars Program0$0
Hunt-Korman Family Scholarship0$0
Gertrude Vanderbilt Minority Scholarship0$0
Hazel and Ernest B. Tracy, Jr. Scholarship0$0
Office of Active Citizenship and Service0$0
Employee Critical Support Fund40$3,362
English Language Center0$0
International Programs Fund0$0
Robert Lee Avary III Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair #140$0
Keith W. Mumford Scholarship0$0
Anonymous GMK Scholarship0$0
Joe L. and Hilppa A. K. Roby Scholarships0$0
Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science & Engineering0$0
Vanderbilt Child Care Center1$20
Admissions Program-Office of Recruitment0$0
the Wond'ry - Vanderbilt's Innovation Center47$10,205
John E. Rovensky Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Table Tennis Club0$0
David K. Wilson Chair0$0
Guy and Betty Henley Scholarship0$0
Charles L. and Jean Ruyle Powell Scholarship Fund (University General)0$0
Cain University Professorship0$0
O'Hara Family Scholarship0$0
Sophie D. Aberle Scholarship0$0
Provost's Discretionary Fund2$600
Chancellor's Office Projects1$118
John W. Holman Fund0$0
Volleyball Club0$0
Centennial Class Scholarship0$0
Thomas M Weser Award0$0
Housing Administration0$0
Carmichael Towers Implosion0$0
Running Club0$0
Harvie Branscomb Chair0$0
Confederate Hall0$0
May Werthan Shayne Chair of Public Policy & Social Science0$0
Athenian Scholarship0$0
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Endowment0$0
Margot and Ross Perot Scholarship2$700
Computer Center0$0
Morris Brandon Trust Held Elsewhere-Scholarships0$0
Baseball Sports Club0$0
Mary Ann and Gene Zink Family Scholarship0$0
Wond'ry Student Project Fund3$320
Women's Club Water Polo0$0
Trap and Skeet Shooting Club (Vanderbilt Gun Club)0$0
Executive Administration Gifts0$0
College Halls Roadshow0$0
Searle Undergraduate Research Initiative0$0
Class of 1941 Scholarship Fund0$0
Anonymous Family F Scholarship0$0
Charles V. Harris Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair #130$0
Maggie S. Craig Memorial Scholarship0$0
Pugh-Hernandez Scholarship0$0
Women's Field Hockey Club0$0
Ryan Reece Berger Scholarship0$0
Anonymous Family G Scholarship0$0
Charles Parmer and Margaret Mason Parmer Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair in Chemistry0$0
Mary Jane Werthan Award0$0
West Hall0$0
Harvie Branscomb Distinguished Professorship0$0
D W Stubblefield Scholarship0$0
Housing Replacement Reserves0$0
Intercultural Education and Outreach0$0
Friends of Vandy 2013 Scholarship0$0
Eugene Boykin Fund0$0
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Scholarship0$0
Early-White International Scholarship0$0
Opportunity VU Undergraduate Scholarship159$89,347
Charlye Martin Memorial Fund0$0
Hoogland Undergraduate Business Program0$0
Edward Prentice Davis Memorial Prize0$0
James A. Harper Family Scholarship0$0
Undergraduate International Scholarship Fund0$0
Commons Character Fund0$0
McTyeire Language House0$0
Global Summer Fellowship0$0
Vanderbilt University Hosted Events0$0
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute11$900
BAB Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair in Mathematics0$0
Vandy Vans0$0
Fournier Family Scholarship0$0
National Voter Registration Day0$0
Selma Ruben Scholarship0$0
Robin, Danny and James Greenspun Scholarship Fund0$0
Fleischer Undergraduate Summer Research Fund0$0
Margo and Frank Walter Family Scholarship0$0
Office of Alumni Relations0$0
International Student and Scholar Services0$0
C. F. Wall Scholarship0$0
William D. and Violet H. Hudson Honor Scholarship0$0
Rebecca and Spence Wilson Scholarship0$0
Fencing Club of Vanderbilt1$50
Joel Carl Lichter Memorial Award0$0
Margaret Shook Zeiger Scholarship0$0
Vallimarescu Family Scholarship0$0
Big Apple Challenge Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Initiative for Smart-City Oper Res (VISOR)0$0
Anonymous G Scholarship0$0
Office of Housing, Residential Life & Education1$20
Delek Hope Scholarship0$0
Kim Family Scholarship0$0
Stevenson Chair #70$0
Vanderbilt Cricket Sports Club0$0
William H. and Hamilton Parks Scholarship0$0
Student Alumni Board0$0
Undergraduate Business Minor0$0
Ice Hockey Club1$1
Nachman Family Scholarship0$0
Leonoff Family Scholarship0$0
Dougan Family Scholarship0$0
Shorenstein Family Scholarship0$0
Memphis-Vanderbilt Honor Scholarship0$0
University Press0$0
TR-Insurance Premiums0$0
Jayne Loree Drushal Memorial Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center0$0
General Expenses for The University0$0
Dinah Shore Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Club Sports and Intramural Fields Fund0$0
Alexander Heard Distinguished Service Professor0$0
Chancellor's Lecture Series0$0
Carell Scholarships0$0
Charles Edison Memorial Youth Fund0$0
Vanderbilt Men's Golf Club2$25
Stevenson Chair #150$0
Vanderbilt Hall0$0
Office of Honor Scholarships0$0
GHAF Scholarship0$0
Laura and David Dobson Scholarship II0$0
Nora C. Chaffin Scholarship0$0
Duncan School Memorial Scholarship0$0
Burwell Espy Schorr Scholarship0$0
Center for Teaching0$0
Public Affairs0$0
Stevenson Chair in Biological Sciences0$0
Stevenson Chair #100$0
Naval Officer Education Program0$0
Baldwin Family Scholarship0$0
Global Education Office0$0
Chancellor's Faculty Fellow in Jewish Literature0$0
Robert Peter Pratt Memorial Award0$0
Women's Lacrosse Sports Club0$0
Quinq Scholarship0$0
Jessica Aceste & Elisabeth Beale Ripple in the Pond Award0$0
Vanderbilt Environmental Health and Safety0$0
Walther Award for Vucept Excellence0$0
First Generation Immersion Award1$15,000
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Honor Scholarship0$0
Garrett C. and Bennett D. Klein Memorial Scholarship0$0
Melissa and Russell Wight Scholarship0$0
Equestrian Team0$0
Joseph H Stevens Jr Lecture Series0$0
Anonymous ALM Scholarship0$0
Stacey and David Fisher Family Scholarship0$0
Dialogue Vanderbilt61$53,777
Hill Turner Memorial Scholarship0$0
Keith-Glasgow Scholarship0$0
Martin and Megan Gregor Scholarship0$0
Alethea S Anderson Lutz Scholarship4$1,525
Association of Vanderbilt Black Alumni3$200
Berkowitz Family Scholarship0$0
Employee Assistance Program12$165
Outdoor Recreation Program (Outdoor Rec)2$20
Spitz Family Scholarship0$0
Anonymous Family C Scholarship0$0
Robert L. Early Scholarship0$0
John A. Hyden Scholarship0$0
University Band Scholarships0$0
Young Memorial Scholarship0$0
Sari and Thomas H. Turner Family Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Microbiome Innovation Center (VMIC)0$0
Stevenson Chair #60$0
Kristen and Charles Mills Scholarship0$0
Ernestine and Oliver Carmichael Scholarship0$0
Laura and David Dobson Scholarship I0$0
Vanderbilt Women's Ultimate Frisbee0$0
Caroline C. and William Moss Wilson Immersion Fund0$0
Undergraduate Experience1$3
William L. and Mary Wellford Ford Family Scholarship0$0
Parents Scholarship0$0
Schroeder Family Fund0$0
Vanderbilt University Swim Club0$0
William Powell Scobey Scholarship0$0
John Gordon and Ruth Robinson Dietrich Scholarship0$0
DeMartini Family Scholarship0$0
COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund0$0
Stevenson Chair #120$0
Anonymous Undergraduate Scholarship Fund0$0
Newton Harris White Scholarship0$0
Amy Breyer Jordan Fund0$0
Men's Squash Club1$10
Housing Staff0$0
Opening Doors Scholarship0$0
Wittenbraker-Jenks Family Study Abroad Fund-Annual0$0
Kopstain Family Leadership Development Series0$0
Sustainability & Environmental Management Internship0$0
PAFA Commodore Cruise Fund0$0
Dan and Elaine McGill Scholarship0$0
John Hemphill Trust0$0
Men's Lacrosse Club4$2,850
Alumni Relations Reunion0$0
Men's Water Polo Club0$0
Lanier Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Ronald E. and Anne S. Henges Family Scholarship0$0
Chancellor's Discretionary Fund1$100,000
Arterberry Family Fund0$0
Carlos Jose and Pamela Rodriguez Scholarship0$0
Thomas E. Mitchell Scholarship0$0
Residential Colleges Construction Project0$0
McNichols-Owen Vanderbilt Scholarship1$5
Hindle Family Scholarship0$0
Pate Family Scholarship0$0
Isabel and Alfred W. Lasher Scholarship0$0
Susan Gray School Playground Maintenance Fund0$0
Riley Scholarship University General0$0
University Relations0$0
General Endowment0$0
Joe B. Wyatt Chair0$0
Brandon Brooks Berger Scholarship0$0
Epstein Family Scholarship0$0
Family S Scholarship0$0
Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action & Disability Svcs0$0
William H. Cammack Scholarship-Established 20160$0
Fisher Family Scholarship0$0
Annexstad Family Fdn Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship0$0
Men's Soccer Club0$0
Vanderbilt Summer Undergraduate Research Program0$0
Chancellor's Scholarship1$75
Triathlon Club0$0
Robin Ingram Patton Fund0$0
Payne-Brown Leadership Fund0$0
Stevenson Chair #90$0
Custodial Staff0$0
Hooley and Zimmerman Families Scholarship0$0
James H. Jones Scholarship0$0
Daniel Robinson Memorial Fund0$0
Life Science/Engineering Bldg/Entrepreneurship Program1$1
Vanderbilt Band Program0$0
Dean K.C. Potter Fund0$0
Edward and Janice Nichols Endowment Fund0$0
Benton Chapel Services0$0
Charles S. Watson Minority Scholarship0$0
Abby and Jon Winkelried Chair0$0
Jamie and Kristin Wildman Scholarship0$0
Jay and Joe Scoby Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Police & Security5$545
Stevenson Chair #160$0
Atlanta Lanier Scholarship0$0
Vanderbilt Aid Society Scholarship0$0
Pallotta Family Scholarship0$0
Men's Rugby Club0$0
Rippeto Family Scholarship0$0
Anonymous PAB Scholarship0$0
I. B. Tigrett - E. E. Wilson Scholarship0$0
Schiff Family Scholarship0$0
Dick and Barbara Davis Family Scholarship0$0
Memorial Tree Fund0$0
Clyde H. Sharp Scholarship0$0
Moore Family Scholarship0$0
John W. and Ann Johnson Scholarship0$0
Wittenbraker-Jenks Family Study Abroad Fund0$0
Lydia A. Howarth and Nicholas S. Zeppos Scholarship0$0
SouthEast Bank Scholarship Program0$0
Trott Family Scholarships0$0
Barbara Askew Haynes Scholarship in memory of Kit Hill Haynes0$0
Student Visits and Interviews Fund0$0
Evans Residential College System Fund0$0
Freeman-Stringer Memorial Scholarship0$0
Frances and John Downing Family Chair0$0
Peggy Dawson Scholarship0$0
Programming at Ingram Commons0$0
Ingram Scholars Program Gift Fund5$475
Allison A. Poarch Scholarship0$0
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Suitcase icon26%Faculty/Staff
Friends icon13%Friends
Parent icon10%Parent
Book icon5%Student
Gradhat icon2%Student-Athlete
Suitcase icon1%VU Board of Trust
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An anonymous Trustee
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Trustee Corey Thomas (BE'98) and Dr. LaQuanya Phillips Thomas
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Cynthia Julien Warner, BE'80
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An anonymous Trustee photo
An anonymous Trustee
Gave $100,000 during a Challenge!
An anonymous Trustee photo
An anonymous Trustee
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A generous donor
Gave $100,000 during a Challenge!
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A generous donor
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